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In Home Personal Chefs


Personalized And Delicious


The experience of having a personal chef is more than just eating delicious food, it's a close relationship that proves to be invaluable to everyone involved.  We truly believe in the personal aspect of our job.  Every individual has certain preferences, likes & dislikes, and tendencies.  We truly understand that and always personalize each meal based off of those aspects to make each experience a memorable one. 


At MyChef, our goal is to provide a Chef cooked meal in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Whether you live a hectic lifestyle and simply don't have the time, don't really care to cook, or have a specific dietary need, our service is well rounded to meet any demands that life presents. 

Safety & Care

While cooking great food is certainly our main priority, we do not overlook the necessity of safe food practices.  All of our chef's are trained regularly on safe food practices.  We are all food handler certified in Missouri and have also completed the ServSafe Certification course for industry professionals.  We will do whatever we can to make you feel safe & comfortable with us preparing your food.

Adam 2.JPG

Chef Adam Glass


Born and raised in the Kansas City area, Adam has worked as a Professional Chef for nearly 12 years.  Working for himself as a  Personal Chef for several years, he founded MyChef after seeing the joy and value of his job.  "I have incredible relationships with every single one of my clients.  I absolutely love doing this and never feel like I'm going to work."

He has experience with fine dining, 5 star hotels, casinos, and even corporate food service.  An avid traveler, he once visited New Zealand where he competed and won several top awards against 5 other nations.  

He and his wife, Nadia, love to eat, travel, and spend time with their new born son, dog, and cat.  

Favorite Things to Eat at Home: "Thai, Cajun, and French."

Favorite Country Visited:  "It's a tie between Chile & Thailand"

Other Hobbies:  "I've been a drummer for 24 years.  Love to travel.  Very much enjoy spending time with family.  And LOVE to BBQ."

Ben Winchell.jpg

Chef Ben Winchell

Chef Ben was born and raised in the Saint Louis area and knows the local restaurant scene very well. He has been working in the F&B industry for 9 years emphasizing in Italian, Asian, Seasonal fare, as well as nutrition-centric foods. He loves to create recognizable flavors with an upscale twist for his clients. 


Ben is an alumni of Johnson & Wales University as well as the University of Missouri where he has learned the tricks of the trade. Later taking his talents to Fit Flavors, Ben fell in love with the art of nutrition based meal prep as well as recipe development.  He looks forward to giving Saint Louis a taste of what he has to offer!


Favorite Things to Eat at Home: "Southeast Asian, Hispanic, Fusion" 

Favorite Country Visited: "Honduras" 

Other Hobbies: "I love the gym, trying new restaurants, hanging out with friends and family, and anything sports related!"


Chef Michael Pennington
Operations Manager

Chef Michael has over 17 years of experience in the F&B industry.  With a background in fine dining and French cooking, he has worked under James Beard Award winning Chef Debbie Gold at the American Restaurant.  Also an avid traveler, he's competed in culinary competitions in places such as Dubai.  He traveled to South Africa and participated in the Worlds Chef Tour Against Hunger, with chefs from 47 other countries raising money for hunger related charities.

Most recently, Michael was the Executive Chef of Children's Mercy Hospital, increasing his awareness of nutrition and food safety.  When not working he is active in volunteering at local youth cooking events, mastering his own craft, and traveling with his wife and two children.

Favorite Things to Eat at Home: "Tacos....definitely tacos"

Favorite Country Visited:  "South Africa"

Other Hobbies:  "Love movies, playing the piano & violin, board games, and baking."


Interested in becoming a Personal Chef?  We're always on the lookout for talented chefs.  Send an email to with a resume.

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